//“Happy, Happy, Happy”
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“Happy, Happy, Happy”


“Happy, Happy, Happy”
This was painted in January, 2017 on night after making a mental gratitude list.
BraMur's G&I Art Works by: Lillian


Product Description

I have always loved combining colors to see what affect they have on not just my emotions but on those of others as well. People often ask me why I use the same color combinations; I tell them, “Well, God chooses the colors and the theme of what I ultimately end up painting.” I’m merely an instrument that God has blessed with the ability to appreciate what He does and I enjoy how I feel in the process. I call my art “God and I” because it’s truly done by God and me. Now, ever since retirement, have I begun to experience a consistent enjoyment of engaging in my true passion for Abstract painting. This enjoyment has led me to create a line of paintings that serve a two-fold purpose which I call “Useful Arts.” Useful Arts are paintings that in addition to pleasing the eye, they also can be of use in the home. If you desire to know more about my art you may contact me below. Thank you and God bless


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