My name is Lillian P. Murray,MSN, BSN. I am a 70 year young retired Registered Nurse Administrator. I retired from the WLA-VA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA in 2009. While working on the Psychiatric Unit I encouraged writing and painting therapy for the Veterans to help facilitate relaxation and to improve sleep patterns. I painted along with the Veterans and realized that I too felt relaxed and at peace. This patient-nurse collaboration also facilitated trust and mutual respect.

After retiring my initial desire was to fulfill my dreams of travel and experience total time freedom. I dabbled in network marketing, gardening, cooking, writing and some art. Then in November 2016 I visited an artist friend in Williamsburg, New York. Before leaving from her studio one night she pulled out a plethora of art supplies and suggested I use them to entertain myself while she was gone. My experience that night ignited a passion in me that had lain dormant for many years. I returned home, bought art supplies and began the art journey of my life.

My painting style is Abstract. This style allows my creativity to flourish with no restrictions. I paint to relax and free myself of all constraints. Certain colors speak to my soul. Many times, without consciously thinking, I choose certain colors over and over. It’s as if they are not my choices at all. I have learned to relax and allow God to lead me in these “Artistic Dances.”

I have always loved combining colors to see what affect they have on not just my emotions but on those of others as well. People often ask me why I use the same color combinations; I tell them, “Well, God chooses the colors and the theme of what I ultimately end up painting.” I’m merely an instrument that God has blessed with the ability to appreciate what He does and I enjoy how I feel in the process. I call my art “God and I” because it’s truly done by God and me. Now, ever since retirement, have I begun to experience a consistent enjoyment of engaging in my true passion for Abstract painting. This enjoyment has led me to create a line of paintings that serve a two-fold purpose which I call “Useful Arts.” Useful Arts are paintings that in addition to pleasing the eye, they also can be of use in the home. If you desire to know more about my art you may contact me below.

Thank you and God bless.

Lillian P. Murray